Professional Corporate Portraiture Photography

We are a team of 15 which specialised in working with International Companies/Organisation as well as majority of Government entities in Singapore on most of their professional corporate portraiture photography.

Our crew are all very experienced, organised, properly dressed, polite and able to communicate professionally in english. We have done number of similar projects for local ministers, Ad agencies or fashion labels where have have been featured on their marketing collaterals. Overseas clients such as Travelshoot have also appointed us as their official photographers from Singapore where we will assist them is conducting private photo-shoots for their prestige or high net-worth clients. Just recently, we done a shoot for Maddy King when she visited Singapore for a marketing stunt which was feature on Daily Mail. Most importantly we do not charge any loading fees or any form of usage fees for our images which is against the norm, ensuring that our clients do not have to worry about exceeding budget any hidden hidden costing.

No matter which industry – the human element will always be the facade of your company. With a wide array of clients from both the private and government sector – there really is no reason not to choose Lumiere Photography Singapore for your professional corporate portraiture photography.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries